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Login Application


At least 3 Elements are needed in order to build simple login application : 

  1. Login table. 
  2. Login form 
  3. Code 


Creating Login Table

First thing we need to do is to create a login table. This table holds all user’s data such as user’s first and last name, user’s login name and password. During the login process, our application will pull data from this table and compare it.

This is the data structure of login table that I usualy use.


Some important things I need to point out here :

  • In this particular example, I use three level of user credentials : Regular User, Admin User and Super User. I was imagining that there will be a log table for each transaction an admin user has made. Admin User can do anything except changing this log table.
  • I named the table as Usys_tblUserAll. The “Usys” will prevent user to see this table. That’s my first step in securing my tables. I’ll explain other techniques that you can use to secure your database.


Next : Criteria of a good Login form

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